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180mW 650nm Laser Diode Module

Sony Laser Diodes :
SLD1236VL100 pcs Pack $1,200
SLD1239JL-54L 100 pcs Pack $1,400


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You WILL use this device in a safe and sane manner for a legal purpose

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For Korean

Ex) Constant Current Laser Diode Drive
For this circuit, must not connect Laser Diode After Power On(Connect before Power On).
For 150mW Blue-Violet 405nm battery voltage must over 8.5V because this diode need about 5.25V(105mW : 11 or 12 ohm).

Ex) Battery or Constant Voltage Laser Drive Resistance calculation :

R = (Vbat - Vf) / I

where R : Resistance(ohm)
Vbat : Battery or power supply voltage(Volt)
Vf : Laser Diode forward voltage drop from datasheet (Volt)
I : Laser Diode drive current from datasheet (Ampere)

For example :

SLD1236VL Vop 2.8V(2.5V to 3V), Iop 140mA(130 to 150mA) at 80mW, use 2 AA Battery(3.3V for new battery)

R=(3.3 - 2.8)/0.14 aproximation 3.57 Ohm

Can use general Value 3.3 or 3.9 Ohm.

For 150mW blue-violet Vop = 5.25V(about 5V), Iop = 105mA at 90-110mW, use 4 AA Battery(6.5V for new battery)

R=(6.5 - 5.25)/0.105 = 11.9 ohm (aproximation 12 Ohm)

Approximate(easy calculate) Laser Diode Power consumtionption :

P = VI

where V : Diode forward Voltage
> I : Diode Current


2.8 * 0.14 = 0.392 Watt

Can use 1/2 W one resistor or 1/4W two resistor parallel or serial connection

High power laser pointer is very dangerous, please use it safe and sane manner for a legal purpose.

154mA(168mA for SLD1239JL) switch mode constant current Driver for SLD1236VL, 3.2-5.1V input(146mA for SHARP inflared)
This board can insert to blank housing.
> Size 16 x 10 mm- Board pattern can be change.
Pin from left up to down; +V Input, GND, -Disable(default enabled)
Right up to down; +V output, GND.

156mA(167mA for SLD1239JL, 104mA for 150mW blue-violet) output
switch mode constant current driver for SLD1236VL, 6-15V input(8.5-15V for blue-violet). 
Also can order other constant curret value from 100mA to 1.5 A- Ask before order(can set to near order value-fixed).
Switching power supply for this driver(no casing like this module)


Laser Beam From SLD1239JL Module
Drive : Constant Voltage 2.85V

60mW Blue Violet Laser Diode

High power laser pointer is very dangerous, please use it safe and sane manner for a legal purpose.

Cigarette fire(light) - From Left, Start...Before Fire...After Fire

Punch IC Reel Film - From before punch to after punch

Plastic - Compare White Marks(After fire) and Smoke

High power laser pointer is very dangerous, please use it safe and sane manner for a legal purpose.

Personal build Laser Pointer, Use 140mW SLD1234VL Laser Diode

New version.
Can purchase 180mW Laser Diode Module which personally built and fit in penlight.($100 include penlight, module, shipping)
You need only change bulb head to laser module head and need 2 AAA battery.